Tabla Drum Bols continued

Production of tabla bols is a trying art. It is not difficult, once you see how its done. If you don’t ever buy another book/cassette/video, you should think seriously about my Tabla Video Tutor #2 – Production of Tabla bols. It has one of the biggest collections of tabla bols including 2, 3, and 4 beat combinations. […]

Some basic tabla bols (sounds)

In this lesson, let’s look at some of the basic tabla bols (sounds). For all my students learning from my Tabla Video Tutors, this is your next exercise. Isn’t the Net great! Here is an example of a tabla phrase. Dhaa-TiTa KiTaDhaa- Ge-Naa- TiTaKiTa | Dha-Ge- TiTaKiTa DhiNaaGiNaa Taa-TiTa KiTeTaa- Ke-Naa- TiTaKiTa | Dha-Ge- TiTaKiTa […]

Questions & Answers

Before I continue with this lesson, I had a good question from one of our readers. I’d like to address his concerns here. Question: Hi. I am trying to learn the tabla at the relatively advanced age of 53. I have a good teacher and everything is going well except that I have trouble sitting […]

Tabla Accessories and Care

In the last lesson, I left off on the issue of Tabla Paraphenelia. To continue…. If you didn’t already get the following goodies with your tabla set, you need to go out and acquire them or make them yourself. Here’s that list again Tabla Hammer Talcum Powder Covers for the Tabla/Dagga heads Rings to rest […]

Buying a good Tabla Set

So you are ready to spend your money on the best Tabla set this side of the Ganges 😉 …. well, here are some tips to help you in your decision. The Dagga Choices clay, brass/copper (standard weight), brass/copper heavy weight. Clay drums, although still around in certain parts of India, are more a novelty […]

Origins of the Tabla

Ever since the vedic period, drums have been very much in vogue in India. The Ramayana and the Mahabharata both make mention of a variety of such instruments. According to an ancient saying, Brahma, the lord of the Universe, invented the drums for the purpose of playing on the occasion when Shiva, the lord of […]